Neutra-Mill 1015 Systems

The Neutra-Mill 1015 systems are water-based, portable, multi-reagent mixing and dosing systems for routine and emergency response water treatment. The systems are suitable for use with any dry powdered reagent or dense solution, allowing the systems to be used to treat a wide variety of water quality issues. Reagent can be dispensed from a fixed point or evenly dispensed over the entire water body.

Based on patented Neutra-Mill technology these systems are capable of dispensing up to 5 tonne of dry powdered reagent per hour. Reagent mixing and dosing can be conducted with the unit moored at a fixed location or while the unit is mobile across the surface of a standing water body.

Neutramill 1015

The Neutra-Mill 1015 systems are ideal for a range of applications including:

  • pH correction,
  • Acid neutralisation (Acid and Metalliferous Drainage / Acid Sulfate Soils),
  • Turbidity reduction
  • Nutrient pollution / Algal control,
  • Cyanide destruction,
  • Lowering Total Dissolved Solids (TDS),
  • Toxic metal removal.

In addition to conducting routine treatment tasks the Neutra-Mill 1015 Systems can be used for remediation, supplemental or rapid emergency response treatment resulting from plant failure or extreme climatic events.

Contact Earth Systems for more in formation on Neutra-Mill 1015 systems and their suitability to solve your water quality issues.

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