Acid and Metalliferous Drainage Treatment for Discharge from a Quarry

Earth Systems was engaged to devise and implement a treatment strategy for two pit lakes containing acid and metalliferous (AMD) water at a quarry in Tasmania.  To resume activities at the quarry, contaminated water needed to be treated and safely discharged in a way that complies with the ANZECC water quality guidelines for the protection of more than 95 % of species.

Optimum target pH and reagent types were determined based on an in-house water quality treatment tool, TREATSim.  A dosing method was designed to meet on-site conditions.

Both ponds were successfully treated with greater than 98 % reductions in metal concentrations within 2 weeks of commencement.  A discharge method was developed to minimise erosion at the discharge point and facilitates mixing and dilution with the receiving environment.

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