Portable Water Treatment Systems

Earth Systems has become expert in the design and implementation of portable in-situ or direct dosing water treatment systems. Based on Earth Systems’ patented Neutra-mil technology, treatment is conducted directly into the affected water body (in situ / direct dosing) avoiding the need for costly pumping and piping infrastructure to transport the polluted water to the treatment plant.  Treatment can be conducted from either floating water-based, or adjacent land-based mixing and dosing systems.

These portable systems have a number of benefits over existing fixed plants in a wide range of setting including;

  • Treatment across multiple sites,
  • Treatment at remote and decommissioned sites with minimal infrastructure,
  • Ability to dose across the entire surface of a water body to treat water quality issues such as turbidity,
  • Ability to dose a range of dry powdered and liquid reagents to meet changing water quality issues,
  • In-situ dosing required no specialised water storage, specialised pumping & piping infrastructure or sludge handling.

Earth Systems produces three types of portable mixing and dosing water treatment systems;

1015 Systems

Fixed and mobile water-based treatment systems.

rapidTREAT Systems

Mobile, skid mounted, land-based treatment systems.

Vertical Mixing Tank (VMT) Systems

Transportable mixing and dosing systems.

Neutramill 1015
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