Neutra-Mill rapidTREAT 7000

The Neutra-Mill rapidTREAT systems are fixed, or mobile truck-mounted, multi-reagent mixing and dosing systems designed for routine water treatment and emergency response applications. The systems are suitable for use with any dry powdered reagent or dense solution, allowing the systems to be used to treat a wide range of water quality issues.

Independently powered by an energy efficient diesel motor the system comprises a 7000 litre reagent mixing and storage tank with a range of dispensing options. The mixing and storage tank contains an internal axial mixer ensuring efficient dissolution and mixing of reagents to produce the required solution / slurry.


The rapidTREAT systems internal mixer design is suitable for mixing and dosing a wide range of dry powdered and liquid reagents ideal for a range of water treatment tasks including:

  • pH correction,
  • Acid neutralisation (Acid and Metalliferous Drainage, Acid Sulfate Soils),
  • Turbidity reduction,
  • Nutrient pollution / Algal control,
  • Cyanide destruction,
  • Lowering Total Dissolved Solids (TDS),
  • Toxic metal removal.

As well as conducting routine treatment the rapidTREAT’s portability and ease of use means it can be used for remediation, supplemental or rapid emergency response treatment resulting from plant failure or extreme climatic events.

Contact Earth Systems for more information on rapidTREAT systems and their suitability to solve your water quality issues.

RapidTreat 2012-06-06