Vertical Mixing Tank Systems  (VMT-10)

Vertical Mixing Tank (VMT) systems are portable tanks, sized to permit transportation on a flat-bed truck, and to be loaded with conventional lifting equipment (e.g. excavator, forklift, back-hoe).  This provides flexibility at sites with difficult access and limited infrastructure and the ability for the system to be moved among multiple locations.

The VMT-10 is suitable for mixing and dosing a broad range of dry powdered reagents, including limestone, hydrated lime (calcium hydroxide) and quicklime (calcium oxide), as well as dense liquid reagents making it ideal for a range of water treatment tasks including:

  • Acid and Metalliferous Drainage (AMD/ARD)
  • Turbidity control
  • pH control
  • Nutrient pollution / Algal blooms
  • Disinfection and chlorination
  • Cyanide destruction
  • Metal control
  • Salinity control

The standard model features a 10,000 L epoxy-painted mild steel tank with a reagent addition hatch, access ladder, handrails, lifting hooks, fluid inlets and outlets, dust exhaust vent and an integrated control panel for the mixer and pump(s). Slurry is agitated using a variable low-speed 4-blade single-paddle mixer, and the mixing and baffle system is designed to separate out insoluble grit, which can be periodically removed via a side access hatch.  This design provides efficient mixing of dense solutions or uniform slurries of 1 – 30 wt% solids.

Various configurations are available depending on site-specific water treatment requirements. Optional components include a bulk bag feed chute with bag-breaker system, corrosion-resistant feed water supply pump, integrated variable-speed positive displacement dosing pump, and PLC control in a range of configurations for automated and/or remote operation.

The 10,000 L model is capable of mixing and dosing up to 6 tonnes of dry powdered reagent equivalent per hour and can be optimised for rapid bulk dosing or fine dosing control. The entire system can be powered by either mains or portable power.

Contact Earth Systems for more information on VMT systems and their suitability to solve your water quality issues.