Water Treatment Systems

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Earth Systems Water designs, manufactures and installs a range of site specific water treatment systems.

Our specialist expertise in understanding the chemistry behind water quality issues means that we can work with clients to provide innovative, site specific water treatment solutions to meet the needs of the client and the environment.

Depending on water quality and treatment objectives, Earth Systems can provide:

  • Portable mixing and dosing systems,
  • Fixed plant systems
  • In-situ, high volume, reagent delivery and dosing systems,
  • High Density Sludge (HDS) systems,
  • Caustic magnesia semi-passive treatment systems,
  • Passive Treatment Systems including;
    • Aerobic / anaerobic wetlands,
    • Oxic / Anoxic limestone drains,
    • Limestone diversion wells,
    • In-situ limestone slurry injection,
    • Permeable reactive barriers,
    • Inert atmosphere systems,
Open Limestone Drain

In addition Earth Systems specialist expertise allows us to provide;

  • Treatment modelling to optimise treatment,
  • Sludge management options,
  • Assessment of treatment effluents for regulatory requirements, re-use and discharge options,
  • Optimisation of existing treatment plants to meet changing regulatory, reagent and re-use requirements.

Contact Earth Systems for further information on how we can assist with your Water Quality Management and Treatment Solutions.